Imagine the relationship you would like to have with your partner. Now think about what you would have to do in order to have that relationship and how you would have to act towards your partner to make that relationship happen. You should not be a passive participant in your relationship and you should never adopt the perspective that relationships just happen because they don’t. Even if you’ve been been hurt by your partner, if you decide to stay in the relationship and you’ve decided to work on your relationship you have a responsibility along with your partner to act in a way that brings out the best in your partner as well as in yourself.

It is your responsibility to make your crystal ball version of your relationship become a reality. Your partner shares the same responsibility.

So look into your crystal ball and see the relationship you would like to have with your partner. Describe that relationship in detail to yourself giving detail to the different ways that you will be behaving to make that relationship enter your life. Ask yourself, what will you be doing differently then that you are not doing now? Now, go ahead and do it…..You will be amazed by the results!

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