How could another woman or man become involved with someone who was a relationship with someone else who had potentially been married for years and with children?

This show helps us to better understand what the person who was involved in the affair and potentially breaking apart a family was thinking.  How could they knowingly become involved in this situation?  Perhaps they were being misled by the person in the relationship telling them their marriage really wasn’t working and that they were planning on getting divorced.

And what if you’re having an affair and decide to divorce and be with your affair partner only to discover that months or a few years later the person you left your family for decides they no longer want to be with you?  And if someone entered into an affair with you what are the chances that they might leave you for yet another affair?

In episode #8 of The Anatomy of an Affair with David Feder, we take a look at the “other” man or woman who became involved with your partner.

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