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The information provided on this website is offered for educational and informational purposes only.It is not a substitute for the counsel, diagnosis or treatment of a mental health professional. The information and services you find here are not a replacement or substitute for professional consultation or face to face evaluation. 

This applies to all information provided on this website, including articles, resources and books, as well as email consults and questionnaires.The information on this website can help you clarify your issues and concerns and decide whether professional consultation or counseling is appropriate.

Although confidentiality will be respected at all times, the confidentiality of cyberspace communication cannot be guaranteed.It is your responsibility to ensure that the information you send and receive from this website is done in manner that respects the privacy you seek. 

You also have the option of accessing my services via email, fax or regular mail. You are not required to include identifying information when accessing my services. David Feder will not reveal your name or contact information to others. 

Although this site refers to links and other products and services that can help with recovery from infidelity, these are offered for educational and informational purposes.You can decide whether the information you find on these sites can assist you or is suited to your needs.

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