I founded Close Connections seventeen years ago because I believed that people needed a professional who understood what those who experienced infidelity were going through. I decided to specialize in helping people recover from an affair and to give people like you what they needed: a road map that provided them with a structure to follow during the darkest time in their life. I realized that after finding out that their partner had an affair, people were in a free-fall heading nowhere.

I believed that after an affair, far too many people were ending their committed relationship because they didn’t know what else to do. They just didn’t know how to recover because, after all, haven’t we all bought into the falsehood that marriages last forever? So I decided to create a roadmap that in most cases lead to recovery and not divorce.

I also believed that regardless of whether people stayed together or not after an affair, it was imperative that couples reduced the animosity that the discovery of an affair creates between spouses. Spouses who are either loving or tolerant of one another often become warring partners after an affair, and this hurts children. So I decided to provide a program of recovery that reduces the animosity between spouses for the sake of the children. Studies have proven that children from broken homes do more poorly if the animosity between their parents continues after separation. I dedicated myself to reduce those toxic emotions for the sake of the children and for their hurting parents.

At Close Connections we are passionate about helping people recover from infidelity. Everyone will recover from infidelity – you have no choice – the question is HOW? We recognize that not everyone will want to stay together after an affair, but my VISION model gives people the structure they need to make a choice that is right for them.

At Close Connections we are determined to guide you through to the other side of infidelity. We are committed to help you live an extraordinary life, whether it be together or apart. Our goals are:

  1. For you to successfully rebuild your life after the affair
  2. For you to build a compelling and passionate future
  3. For you to make good choices that will help you live an extraordinary life; and
  4. For you to become the best version of yourself possible

As a couple I help you grieve the loss of your “old” relationship, understand the meaning of the affair, rebuild trust, and build the happier, healthier, extraordinary relationship I know you can have.

For those of you who choose to go on apart, good recovery means more than just moving away from the person who hurt you. Our experience has taught us that if you are to become the person you are meant to be, you need to commit to personal growth, gain insight, heal, practice self-compassion, and believe in yourself. Each of these can be compromised as a result of a partner’s affair so give yourself time. You deserve it!

Your recovery depends on your VISION and Close Connections is your roadmap.  Have that extraordinary life you always wanted and deserve!

Professional Qualifications

  • In Private Practice since 2001 as a therapist and coach trained in helping people and couples survive and thrive after discovery of infidelity
  • Trained with Esther Perel and Terry Real
  • Trained in EMDR and Trauma Counseling, Debriefings and Defusings
  • Certified as a CSAT Therapist
  • Trained as a Forgiveness Trainer

Professional Memberships

  • IITAP (International Institute for Trauma and Addiction Professionals)

Special Assignments

  • September 11, 2001: In New York City and the tri-state area, provided treatment to victims, survivors and family members of victims of the attack on the World Trade Centre
  • Trauma Counsellor: Responsible for de-briefings, de-fusing,s and trauma counseling for victims of bank robberies and witnesses to suicides and attempted suicides

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Successful Outcomes

Close Connections can help you whatever your role in infidelity. Whether you’re trying to recover or just needing a way to share, Close Connections can help.

Free Resources

Knowledge is Power! At Close Connections we believe that the more you know about infidelity, the more control you will have in your recovery.

What Our Clients Say...

"You asked me questions last night that I have never answered out loud before, so thanks for your patience as I verbally muddled my way through it. I admire your ability to identify patterns in people's behaviour. Thanks for everything."

What Our Clients Say...

"I remain truly grateful for your support as I work toward conquering my fears and insecurities.  Thank you for your patience, persistence, kindness and optimism."

What Our Clients Say...

"Thank you for your wonderful email. I get a lot of strength from you. I am happy it’s you that helps me battle my fears and insecurities.  This email will be a great reference for me during my low times."

What Our Clients Say...

"(My husband) and I are doing very well and I am grateful for your help, compassion, support, and time. We have come a very long way and could not have done it without you."

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